100% Organic Moringa Oil

 Pure Nature For Your Skin

The Benefits

  • Gives Anti-aging effect (helps to slow down the degeneration of skin cells to remain fresh)
  • Works as a super effective moisturizer and anti-oxidant
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Reduces redness of the skin
  • Controls the oiliness of the face
  • Helps makeup to have a longer-lasting effect
  • Prevents stretch marks on the abdomen, hips, elbows, and knees
  • Works as an antibacterial and an antiseptic for any damages
  • Neutralizes insect bites
  • Narrows pore size

About Moringa Oil



100% cold-pressed natural and organic oil extracted from Moringa seeds grown organically at local farms in various parts of Thailand



Contains 46 antioxidants each with its unique healing property that can maintain the freshness of natural cells



Contains Oleic Acid to reduce redness, Vitamin A build up collagen, Vitamin E to increase skin’s collagen at a deep level.



The oil is highly moisturizing with anti-inflammatory components to soothe irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types that need deep nourishment and care

Our products are certified in accordance with EU standards.

Clients About Us

I use it as a face serum and my skin feels so smooth, fresh and moisturized. 🥰
I never felt so happy and confident about my skin like I do now. The redness has reduced and I don’t need to use corrector or foundation to cover anything. This oil is natural miracle! Thank you so much! 🌿🙏🏼💚


I am the one who likes trying new products, numerous bottles on the shelf and a rare one is finished. When I opened  Moringa miracle oil i did not have any expectations and it impressed me, very light texture, i apply it as my night ritual no extra cream is required, in the morning i find my skin rested and smooth, it is especially important if you live in the city and have a busy life. Moringa miracle oil is the rest your skin deserves. in addition i see that some fine lines disappeared after a month of use, i think it is the deep hydration this oil gives. Definitely will go for a second bottle and will keep this review updated.


I started using Moringa Serum recently, and I enjoy every method of applying this product.
1. I use it In the morning after a lymphatic massage under the main cream. One drop is enough to spread the oil on the face and neck. At the same time there is no feeling of oiliness and heaviness on the skin, so you can easily makeup in 20-30 minutes.
2. As a night care, I apply the oil under a night cream-mask, but not every day. I love this light feeling, there is no swelling on the face in the morning.

The skin looks fresh, natural and smooth. On weekends I don’t do makeup at all, I let my skin to rest. In addition I like the natural smell of Moringa oil. I would definitely recommend this product to all ladies 40+.



Moringa oil is a new discovery for me although I am a nature gift lover for a long time. When you get to know your local natural products, you discover more by looking globally. The oil intrigues with its mysterious, unobtrusive aroma. Its texture is thick but light. Applying on the skin is equally plentiful and airy.

My interest in Moringa oil is dual; professional and personal. As I work in the beauty and health industry, I use this oil for massages, masks and topical applications.  It has a balancing, saturating, skin irritation reducing and healing properties. Moringa oil equally prevents the spontaneous effects of winter frost and summer sun on the skin.

I myself like to use it because of the aroma, texture and its properties. I use it as a standalone product or add a few drops to the mask, cream, serum. Over time, I look forward to discovering more of Moringa’s oil.

Thank you Mother Nature!





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