Skin Care Tips

How to use Moringa Oil?

Use Moringa oil on your face, body, hands, hair.

Apply 1-3 drops of Moringa oil to the face or affected skin area twice daily after cleansing it.

If you have problematic skin, another benefit of Moringa oil is its ability to regenerate skin thus helping in healing acne and irritated skin. Use the oil where it is needed.

Since it also works as an antibacterial and an antiseptic, you can apply moringa oil to damaged skin, such as insect bites, cuts or redness of the skin.

Moringa Oil Massage Tips

Reduce eyes wrinkles
Massage from the side of the nose by massaging along of the length of the nose to the cheek and the side of the face.

Reduce forehead wrinkles
Massage from eyebrows, patting up from forehead to your hairline, and gently pressing on your temples.  

Reduce laugh line wrinkles
Massage in a circular motion downwards to your cheeks. Then massage from your chin to the corners of your mouth and nose.

Neck Firming
Massage from the chin to neck.



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